Skywalkers Volleyball Club

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  •  Feb 3



  •  Saturday, Feb 1

 "Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. The quality of one's rehearsal impacts the quality of one's performance. Though it can be tedious and painful, practice conditions us and prepares us. It enables us to make the most of our gifts and abilities."

Skywalker is a new junior's volleyball club in the La Palma area offering both Regional and Travel volleyball experiences. Our goal is to provide outstanding services for families in our community. We believe that volleyball is a sport that demands teamwork, commitment and perseverance on and off the court. Skywalker was created out of a desire to help today's youth develop these life skills. We strive for excellence in instruction and development of each player on an individual basis as well as team betterment.


Some of the tournaments we participated last year include :(full schedule to be posted)

  • Local tournaments
  • Las Vegas Nationals
  • Juniors National Qualifier
  • Summer Soiree


For most up-to-date information, visit "News" page